Centennial Christian School | Terrace BC

Science 10

Homework: Complete your KWL chart you create in class by watching the links below.

If you forgot your chart, you may make your own, or can print the one found below the links.

Due: Thursday, September 13

What are traits? https://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/basics/traits/

What are DNA and genes? https://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/basics/dna

Wednesday, September 19

DNA Replication App https://www.wiley.com/college/pratt/0471393878/student/animations/dna_replication/

Protein Synthesis App http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/labs/lab/rna/1/1/

Monday, October 1 

Article 1: https://newsela.com/quickjoin/#/49MQ79

Article 2: