Centennial Christian School | Terrace BC


Education Committee

The Education Committee advises the Board about Christian direction and quality of the school's teachers and programs. It helps the school establish a learning community where teachers and students can develop their insights and skills in an atmosphere that strives to reflect Christ's love for His people.

Finance Committee

The function of the Finance Committee is to supervise the school’s financial affairs, to report and make recommendations to the school Board. The Board makes all final policy decisions or, in special cases, may ask the Society to make such decisions. 

Employee Relations Committee

The Employee Relations Committee each year will recommend to the Board a basic compensation (salary and employee benefits) package for teachers and all support staff. The ERC will regularly review the Employment Policy of Centennial Christian School and deal with matters pertaining to benefits, increments and allowances.

Building and Grounds Committee

This committee concerns itself with the care, maintenance and adequacy of the school buildings, grounds and equipment. They recommend and oversee improvements and development of our facilities.

Hearts and Hands

Heart and Hands is a group of supporters of CCS who meet regularly to organize community- and fundraising events for the school, to purchase items outside of the operating budget that benefit the entire student body.

SOGI committee

This task force was mandated by the school board to develop a process for discovering the needs of the CCS community on the topic of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) and to recommend a path/action plan to the board.