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The Terrace Calvin Christian School Society

Under the Independent School Act of BC, all independent schools have to be governed by a separate "authority", which in our case is the Terrace Calvin Christian School Society. This society has a constitution, bylaws, policies and mandates that comply with the Societies Act of BC. When you enrol your child(ren) at CCS, we invite you to become a part of our society so that you may have a voice in the way that our school is governed. We want all parents and guardians at our school to have a sense of ownership of what we do and how we do it.

As our name states, we are fundamentally a Christian school. In order to keep our Christian identity while we continuously evolve as a school, we entrust strategic decision-making to society members who share our Christian faith.  We therefore have two options for society membership:

Full membership is open to individuals who are committed Christians, active members of a faith community and who agree with the school’s religious and philosophical principles, as expressed in our constitution and bylaws. Full members are expected to attend and take part in society meetings, serve on the board and/or committees and vote in matters of school governance.

Associate membership is open to individuals who want their child(ren) educated with the stated mission, vision, beliefs and perspective the school teaches in all its courses. Church affiliation is not required. Associate members are expected to attend and take part in society meetings, but they are not permitted to vote.

The Board

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Committees offer opportunities for all parents and guardians to have an active role in shaping the kind of school we want to be.

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Policies & Mandates

Please contact the front office to obtain the password for accessing our policies and mandates.

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Our Strategic Plan

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