Centennial Christian School | Terrace BC


Quick Facts

  • Provided Christian education since 1966.
  • Provides education to students at the elementary, middle school and high school levels.
  • School society is governed by a Board of Directors elected from the membership.
  • Full Membership in the school society is conditional upon agreeing with the Constitution, payment of an annual membership fee and demonstrating a lifestyle consistent with Scripture.
  • Associate Membership is open to all parents who want to have their child(ren) educated with the stated mission, vision, beliefs and perspective the school teaches in all its courses.
  • Teachers are qualified and fully certified.
  • Centennial Christian school follows the Ministry of Education K-12 Learning Outcomes and graduates receive a Grade 12 Graduation/Dogwood Diploma.
  • Teachers are expected to have received academic training in the principles and practices of Christian instruction.
  • The school receives a per student grant from the government that is 50% of the local public school allotment. (There are no Capital grants provided. All funds raised for facilities are raised by donations and tuition.)
  • The school is a member of the Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia, an association that serves over 50 schools with 12,000 plus students and Christian Schools International that serves schools in Canada and the USA.
  • The school is inspected by the Ministry of Education: Independent Schools Branch.