Centennial Christian School | Terrace BC


Why do I have to be part of a society to attend CCS?

Under the Independent School Act of BC, all independent schools have to be governed by a separate "authority", which in our case is the Terrace Calvin Christian School Society. This society has a constitution, bylaws, policies and mandates that comply with the Societies Act of BC. When you enrol your child(ren) at CCS, we invite you to become a part of our society so that you may have a voice in the way that our school is governed. We want all parents and guardians at our school to have a sense of ownership of what we do and how we do it.

As our name states, we are fundamentally a Christian school. In order to keep our Christian identity while we continuously evolve as a school, we entrust strategic decision-making to society members who share our Christian faith.  We therefore have two options for society membership:

Full membership is open to individuals who are committed Christians, active members of a faith community and who agree with the school’s religious and philosophical principles, as expressed in our constitution and bylaws. Full members are expected to attend and take part in society meetings, serve on the board and/or committees and vote in matters of school governance.

Associate membership is open to individuals who want their child(ren) educated with the stated mission, vision, beliefs and perspective the school teaches in all its courses. Church affiliation is not required. Associate members are expected to attend and take part in society meetings, but they are not permitted to vote.

How much is tuition?

Please refer to our tuition schedule on the "Get Started" page under "Enrolment Forms". 


How is tuition spent?

The BC Government budgets a per-student cost for public education. Independent schools, like CCS, receive half this amount per student as a grant. The remaining cost to educate a child must be made up through tuition. Thus tuition is spent on direct educational costs such as teachers' salaries, school supplies and utility bills.


I have heard about a bursary system for helping with tuition. Who qualifies for that?

We do indeed offer a limited amount of bursaries each year to full members of the Terrace Calvin Christian School Society who show evidence of financial need and who commit to volunteering at the school.

The bursary system is not intended as a long term solution, but rather to help families with the cost of tuition during times of a personal financial crisis. The maximum tuition assistance to be offered by the school is 50% of annual tuition and a bursary expires at the end of the school year.

Applications (including a current Notice of Assessment) are submitted to the Finance Committee and are administered with the strictest level of confidentiality.


Do I still have to pay preschool fees if I have a child in a higher grade in CCS or does the family rate apply?

Preschool fees are not influenced by whether or not you have other children in CCS. Our preschool, though very much a part of our CCS community, operates as a separate entity from the school. Membership to the Terrace Calvin Christian School Society is not a requirement and preschool fees do not quilify for charitable tax receipts as CCS tuition does.


I have a child in Catholic school, but would like to enrol another one of my children at CCS. Do I pay full tuition at both schools? 

The Finance Committee may consider a reduced tuition (up to 50% off) for any family with another child (or children) in another Christian School.


Will my child have to pray and attend church?

At CCS, we recognize that every student is unique in his/her abilities of self-expression and public speaking and that each child will have a unique way of communicating with God. Though many students have blessed each other (and their teachers) with their gifts of prayer, we realize that not all students will have the ability and the desire to pray out loud. And that is perfectly acceptable.

The school is generally not involved with church services, church being on Sundays (and Saturdays for some), but we do have special assemblies and chapel that all students attend.


We are not a Christian family. Will it be expected of my child to become a Christian at the school?

As our name states, we are a Christian school. All our teachers are Christians, the majority of families who attend are Christians, we teach Bible curriculum from kindergarten to grade 12 and in each and every classroom, students are taught and encouraged to make connections on how God fits into the particular work that they are studying at the time. (See How We Teach)  That being said, many students come into our school without ever having experienced a relationship with God, and some also graduate without calling themselves "Christian". Our role as a school is to create and nurture an environment in which a relationship with God our Father will flourish, but we also recognize that God's timing is not our timing.

Whether or not your child will choose to become a Christian, is beyond the school's control. What we can promise though, is that your child will be challenged to form his/her own worldview and to explore the important questions of "who am I?" and "why am I here?".


Are you a part of the Christian Reformed Church that is right next door to the school?

No, Centennial Christian School operates as a completely separate entity. Although our school was founded by members of the Terrace Christian Reformed Church, some of whom later donated land for the school to be built on, students from different Christian denominations have always been welcomed. Today we can say that there is representation from 18 different Christian churches in our student body, staff and school board and the school does not affiliate itself to any specific denomination.


What is Christian Education?

Take 6 minutes to watch this video, produced by the Society of Christian Schools of BC, that explains what Christian Education means in general.




Quick Facts

  • We have 156 students from K-12 enrolled for the 2020/2021 school year.
  • Provided Christian education since 1966.
  • Provides education to students at the preschool, elementary, middle school and high school levels.
  • School society is governed by a Board of Directors elected from the membership.
  • Full Membership in the school society is conditional upon agreeing with the Constitution, payment of an annual membership fee and demonstrating a lifestyle consistent with Scripture.
  • Associate Membership is open to all parents who want to have their child(ren) educated with the stated mission, vision, beliefs and perspective the school teaches in all its courses.
  • Teachers are qualified, fully certified and are expected to have received academic training in the principles and practices of Christian instruction.
  • Centennial Christian school follows the Ministry of Education K-12 Learning Outcomes and graduates receive a Grade 12 Graduation/Dogwood Diploma.
  • The school is a member of the Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia, an association that serves over 50 schools with 12,000 plus students and Christian Schools International that serves schools in Canada and the USA.
  • The school is inspected by the Ministry of Education: Independent Schools Branch.